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Dahal consulting is an established it consulting firm with 7 years of industrial experience in the field of software consultation, digital market. In order to meet the changing demands, we formulate the specific policies and business ideas for digitization of the product that best suits the client's demand.

Company History

Company History along with the services provided by each organization.

We have had the privilege to work in different industries over the years and are extremely grateful to all of our customers who helped us survive and grow with every project we initiated. After 7 years, we still strive to become the best IT solution company to customers worldwide.

Helping Small Businesses

As a small business, we have the ability to work closely with our clients and provide personalized customer services at a much reasonable price.

Happy Customers

Our Expert

With extensive experience and research in the field of digital market in IT industry, we have built profound business skills and strategy to formulate the suitable solutions ranging from tiny business niche to enterprise business venture.

In collaboration with the clients we continuously monitor, progress and identify potential opportunities to design quality business policies and value added products viable to the current market demand.

Babin Dahal

Babin DahalSoftware Developer

There is no problem that Babin cannot solve with his extraordinary trouble shooting skills. Having worked in the industry for over 2 years, he is a deep thinker and has a meticulous way of tackling problems. Babin is adept in Laravel, Js and Ruby.

Bashanta Dahal

Bashanta DahalFounder and CEO

With over 7+ years of juggling with programming languages and frameworks like Java, Ruby, PHP, React, Angular Js to possessing strong knowledge of software architecture, cloud and RDBS technologies, Bashanta has established himself as a successful full-stack software engineer.

Bishnu Bidari

Bishnu BidariSoftware Developer | Server Expert

It is impossible to label Jack-of-all Bishnu with a single title but his forte is Server Expertise. He has 4 years of experience and is also proficient in Linux, Laravel, Andriod and Ionic Framework. Bishnu is a cyclist and loves to travel.

Janak Bhatta

Janak BhattaJavascript Developer

Superheroes may not exist in the real world, but there are a few Javascript heroes among which Janak Bhatta makes the list. Over the course of 4 years in the industry, he has acquired the super powers of BackboneJS, AngularJS, Laravel, Mango DB and Node JS.

Jenisha Ghimire

Jenisha GhimireBusiness Development Manager

Jenisha's experience in real world as well as web marketing industry is extensive and comprehensive. Her work with IdeasOffshore resulted in maximized revenues and profits through deployment of innovative strategies while utilizing existing resources of the company.She has been active in the industry for over 2 years and has a genuine personality who takes pride in her client's success.

Nishant Acharya

Nishant AcharyaContent Writer

The youngest in the team, Nishant specializes in articulating and expressing ideas in the form of writing. His experience ranges from Sales and Marketing for Tata Motors to Marketing Executive for eProperty Nepal. He can also be found performing with his rock band as the lead guitarist.

Prashant Khadka

Prashant KhadkaWeb Developer

Prashant has a knack for computers with 6 years of experience in developing User Friendly UI, Js, Vue, Laravel and Scss. Regarded a perfectionist by many, his work speaks for itself.

Rajendra Sharma

Rajendra SharmaLaravel Developer

Rajendra has worked with companies from startups to large organizations on a variety of platforms. He considers Laravel to be his forte having 4 years of experience in logic, building custom applications and vueJS.

Shishir Dhakal

Shishir DhakalGraphic Designer

Shisir has a passion for pushing designing to its limits on any platform. Having worked for over 4 years, he is confident to amaze his clients' with innovative designs by using Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and Powerpoint to name a few.

Surendra Shrestha

Surendra ShresthaExpert Front End Web Developer/Creative Graphic Designer

Surendra is an expert front end web developer and a graphic designer with 6+ years experience of working on web and print, mainly html/css, sass, JavaScript, Photoshop and Illustrator. Efficient worker, fast learner with a keen eye for perfection with a good sense of humor, he likes to work and experiment with new technologies and keep himself updated.